About Us

What we offer

Ambulance Victoria Pipes and Drums band is a not-for-profit community based group that can play at a wide range of events. Events include – Anzac Day Marches, Ambulance Station Openings, Community Fetes, CFA Torchlight Parades, Street Marches along with Pipe Band Competitions.

We have plenty of options available including:

  • A Highland Pipe Band – Full band for a large playout hire
  • A Highland Mini Band – Mini band for a smaller playout hire
  • Piper – For Ceremonial duties
  • Pipe and Drummer – For Ceremonial duties
  • Pipe Band Tuition – Tuition in learning the Bagpipes or Pipe band drums

How we do this

At the core of our band is the philosophy of “having fun”.  We are all volunteers in our band and playing for enjoyment is our main aim.

Some of our core goals are:

  • A place to have fun.
  • A band that fosters teamwork and family values.
  • Sharing the load of playout, administration and leadership tasks.
  • Having pride in ourselves.
  • Striving to improve – taking care of how we play and learn as individuals as well as a team – for the common good of the band as a whole.
  • A band that has clear leadership – but values members input and ideas.

Want to book the band?

Please contact Graham Mummery – President

Ambulance Victoria Pipes & Drums Band